Lower Monthly Expenses with a Home Energy Audit in Moline, Illinois

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When you’re shopping for a new heating and cooling system, you notice systems that save energy. However, it’s difficult to make the most of its efficiency if your house has leaks or inadequate insulation.

We make it easy to increase your family’s comfort when we perform a home energy audit in Moline, Illinois. Our professionals will locate spots in your house that can be enhanced and provide possible improvements, which can potentially save additional costs on heating and cooling bills.

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What Occurs During a Home Energy Audit?

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Our experts will conduct several checks inside and outside your home as part of the audit.

Inspections and tests may incorporate:

  • Reviewing outdoor walls and joints for a sound fit.
  • Looking at attic, heater and water heater insulation.
  • Verify that ductwork is sealed.
  • Conduct a blower door test with the use of an infrared camera to identify insufficient insulation or air filtration.

Plan Your Home Energy Audit Now

When you arrange a home energy audit with Freed Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll recognize areas for improvement and provide a solution.

Fixes could vary from swapping light bulbs to reinsulating rooms in your house or updating your appliance.

Our focus is to help you reach a more comfortable space that’s also light on your pocketbook. Call us at 309-323-9584 or contact us online to book an appointment right away.

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